Magnetoresistive Sensor Array Eddy Current Testing


LabSys' eddy current magnetoresistive (EC-MR) sensor array probe innovated excitation current generation and induced eddy current detection. A single-path linear scan with our probe maps the magnetic field generated from the induced eddy current around an interested location. Defects can be automatically evaluated using image processing algorithms. 

The product has been adopted by Boeing and the US Air Force for non-destructive evaluation of the integrity of riveted airplane structures.  

Magnetoresistive Sensor Array

The tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) sensors microfabricated by LabSys are ultra-small and ultra-sensitive. 

Rotating Current Excitation

The eddy current probe uses a set of orthogonal excitation coils that are excited with sinusoidal signals of a 90-degree phase difference. The result eddy current rotates 360 degrees, eliminating the insensitive direction. 

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